A combination of two words, “Earth” & “Theories”.

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Eartheories is an award-winning aromacare artisan that practices the theories of the earth,
harnessing the power of balancing nature’s four elements - earth, water, air, and fire. 

It all began in a typical Malaysian home garden. 

An ordinary moment spent harvesting homegrown lemongrass sparked a “what if” thought that soon shed light to the many benefits of this kitchen staple as traditional remedies. This inspired extensive research and development into its applications, led by Eartheories with teams of scientists and academicians. Beginning with the lemongrass, Eartheories focuses on innovating traditional Malay heritage recipes to formulate artisanal aromacare products that heal the body, mind, and spirit. There are now more than a hundred blends of aromacare products curated with emphasis on the remedial properties of each carefully-selected ingredient. 

Not surprisingly, the lemongrass series remains a bestseller until today! 

Proudly made in Malaysia, we are committed to create a sustainable “agri-sanal” ecology to champion home-grown ingredients. Deriving values from the terms “agriculture” and “artisanal”, we aim to support local farmers in their efforts and positively impact local communities as a whole. This vision is a collective effort to which you are also contributing with every purchase.

By re-introducing traditional remedies in an elevated, modern form, Eartheories aspires to bring back the glory of Malaysian ingredients. Not only to showcase untapped values of hidden gems in our backyard, but also taking it up to new heights - making it the pride and joy of our home country at international standards.

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